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Members of Swisscoin are today mining this coin at lowest possible value at 0.03 euro; the expected value in 2018 is close to €5 and still rising.

Example 2

Ms. Precious invested 1000 euro in Swisscoin, in the year 2016 when it was valued at 0.03 euro each what will likely be the worth of her investment in 2018 when the value of Swisscoin rises to 5 euro 


In the year 2016

1 Swisscoin = 0.03 euro

1000 euro = 1000 euro/0.03euro

= 33,333 Swisscoin

In the year 2018 – with increment in value

1 Swisscoin = 5 euro

33,333 Swisscoin = 33,333 x 5 euro

= 166, 665.00 euro (what?)

Contact Me for More info

whatsapp: 00962799152542

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